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December 20, 2016

1979 Revolution: Black Friday game arrives google play store

The narrative-driven 1979 Revolution: Black Friday was originally released for PC on Steam in April, based on real stories from Iran between 1978 and 1981. In this Telltale-esque game, you play as photojournalist Reza, caught between opposing sides of the revolution.The 1979 Iranian Revolution was one of the most influential and important events of the late 20th century and it is based on real stories from Iran between 1978-1981. In this cinematic adventure game you navigate this momentous revolution with only two weapons: your camera and your morality. You play as Reza, a photojournalist, where you get caught up by two opposing sides of the revolution. The fates of those [...]

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December 9, 2016

Super Mario Mobile Game to launch on IOS and Android

Nintendo have unveiled further details about its upcoming Mobile Mario Game, Super Mario Run and launching December 15 on iOS, and coming to Android later, the new title plays on the classic side-scrolling platform action found in numerous Mario games but merges it with the auto-runner formula popularized on mobile devices.

To allow the Mario experience to work one-handed, Mario automatically runs across the screen and players control of how and when he jumps by tapping on the display and there are mechanics in place to temporarily stop Mario in his tracks, help him change direction, and jump greater distances, to allow players reach the end of each level without the [...]

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November 30, 2016

Facebook Instant Games now on its news feeds

Facebook have unveiled its Facebook Instant Games allowing users of the world’s biggest social network to play from its Messenger application or directly on their news feeds. The instant games on messenger can be accessed through the new game controller icon just below where people type a message, offers a fun and social experience featuring score-based games, leaderboards, and group thread conversations to challenge and compete against anyone on Messenger. Also, the company says Instant Games is launching in 30 countries with 17 titles available including “Pac-Man” from Bandai Namco, Taito’s “Space Invaders,” Zynga’s “Words [...]

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November 25, 2016

New google play feature for rating gameplay controls and graphics

Some users of Google Play have begun seeing google play feature ratings for games in google’s marketplace. The shift takes the familiar “one rating fits all” approach and breaks it down into more detailed aspects including gameplay, controls and graphics.

If you want to see if you have the feature enabled on your device, head to the games section of Google Play, pick an app and scroll down to the normal overall rating. Below that you’ll either see the usual review highlights, or you’ll see circular feature ratings before the review highlights start or If you can see the new feature ratings you’ll also be able to submit game reviews that take advantage of these [...]

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